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Common Building Defects to Watch Out For

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12:00 PM

Construction defects refer to any kind of structural failure that can impair the use of a building. These defects can happen at any time during the building process and fortunately, can be mitigated through proper inspections and quality control assessments. Eagle Eye Building Consulting, local expert building consultants, discusses the most common defects below:


Structural Defects

These defects are found on the foundations of the building, such as wall cracks or misplaced wall posts. Structural defects are considered as major defects as they can highly threaten the safety of the residents of the building. You have a time frame of six years after construction to have your builder fix these defects or at least pay for the damages.


Roofing Failures

There are several ways a roof can fail and it often requires professional inspections to determine the root of the problem. Eagle Eye Building Consulting offers building inspection services to help you determine building defects before you move in, helping prevent further problems later on. Material failures are also common in roofing issues, especially when exposed to extreme weather conditions.


Waterproofing Defects

These are defects related to poor drainage and leaking roofs or any problems related to waterproofing. For these problems, you may need to go back to your contractors responsible for the plumbing or for the roofing. These are also major defects.

Leaky pipes aren’t fun for anyone, and they can also cause serious damage to the structure and the property inside. Material failures are a common issue for plumbing systems due to the sheer number of components involved. Maintenance and unrelated structural flaws can also damage pipes and fixtures.

When in need of reliable Sydney building defects inspections and reports, consult Eagle Eye Building Consulting. We have years of experience and can help you detect existing problems. Contact us today.